Pedro Ximanez Barrels

Whisky aged in PX casks is a type of whisky which has been aged in casks previously used to mature Pedro Ximenez sherry. This type of cask imparts a range of flavours to the whisky, including sweetness, rich fruitiness, and nuttiness. The Pedro Ximenez casks also impart a deep, dark colour to the whisky, and a fullbodied texture. The sweetness of the cask comes from the PX sherry it was used to mature, and this sweetness is balanced out by the oakiness of the cask. The whisky can also be quite intense, with a high alcohol content and a strong, complex flavour profile. The Pedro Ximenez cask also adds a unique layer of complexity to the whisky, as the wood of the cask has been seasoned with the sherry and this adds a unique flavour to the whisky.

Whiskies matured in a Pedro Ximanez casks