Scotch Whisky

About Scotch Whisky

Scotland is the heart of world whisky production and is home to some of the biggest names in whisky- Johnnie Walker, Chivas & Glenfiddich. Scotland also claims the highest concentration of whisky production globally, with over 130 active distilleries across the country.

Scottish Whisky, simply known as Scotch, is produced in 6 regions across Scotland, each with a distinct character. From the salty Islands in the northern Highlands to the peaty bogs of Islay, the diversity of flavour and production techniques offer a lot to explore in Scotch Whisky.

Scotch Whisky Requirements

Governed by the Scotch Whisky Association, conditions to label whisky as Scotch are specific;

  • Scotch has to be produced entirely in Scotland.
  • The three main ingredients must be water, yeast and grain – typically malted barley, wheat or rye.
  • The whisky must then be aged in an oak barrel for at least three years. This barrel must be new oak or oak which was previously used to mature wine, beer or spirits.
  • Any age statement on the bottle must reflect the age of the youngest whisky used in production.
  • Scotch must be bottled at a minimum of 40% alcohol by volume (ABV).
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