Highland Whisky

About Highland Whisky

In Scotlands North, lies its largest whisky-producing region, The Scottish Highlands. This large area is diverse and offers many flavours, so it is hard to specify a style for whisky produced in the Highlands.

You’ll find full-bodied single malts in the north, sweet and rich with character- Glenmorangie and Dalmore are two popular Northern Highland Whiskies. The South & East are home to lighter, fruity whiskies such as Glendronach and Aberfeldy. Whereas whiskies from the West coast of the Highlands offer a full body with plenty of peat, such as Oban.

Also included in the Highland whisky region are the Scottish Islands—  some of the larger islands are home to world-famous distilleries, such as Talisker, Highland Park, and Jura. The flavour in these distilleries is diverse, although they often display a certain saltiness from the sea air.

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