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Founded 1820
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Johnnie Walker, a name synonymous with blended Scotch whisky, was born out of a grocer’s frustration with the inconsistency of single malt whiskies. John Walker, the grocer from Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, decided to blend these whiskies to create a more consistent product. His venture was a success, and after his death, his son and grandsons took the business to new heights, making Johnnie Walker a global icon.

Over the years, Johnnie Walker has acquired several distilleries, including Cardhu, Coleburn, Clynelish, Talisker, Dailuaine, and Mortlach, ensuring a steady supply of single malts for their blends. Today, Johnnie Walker is the most widely distributed brand of blended Scotch whisky in the world, known for its colourful range of Red, Black, Green, Gold, and Blue Label whiskies.

Johnnie Walker Princes Street

While Johnnie Walker does not have a single distillery to visit, whisky enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the brand experience at Johnnie Walker Princes Street in Edinburgh. This location offers several unique experiences, personalised gifts, exclusive cocktails, and cuisine served with exceptional views of Edinburgh Castle from the rooftop bar.

Johnnie Walker Princes Street offers a variety of experiences for whisky lovers. Here are some of the highlights:

Discover Johnnie Walker

This tasting experience guides you through a curated selection of four exquisite whiskies, each distinct in character and taste. The whiskies include Johnnie Walker Black Label, Green Label, 18 Year Old, and Gold Label Reserve. Learn about these iconic drams, their unique flavours, and history. This experience is held in the retail area and does not include a tour or a visit to the bar.
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Johnnie Walker X Harris Tweed Deconstructed Tasting

This guided whisky tasting experience introduces you to a limited edition, experimental blend, exclusive to Johnnie Walker Princes Street. The tasting includes Cardhu 18 Year Old, Caol Ila 18 Year Old, and Johnnie Walker x Harris Tweed.

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Johnnie Walker Journey of Flavour

This signature tour takes you on an epic journey through live performances, light shows, tastings, and more. The tour includes a flavour quiz to discover your personal flavour profile and a highly immersive, 90-minute sensory experience led by Johnnie Walker experts.
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Whisky Explorers at the Explorers’ Bothy

This 60-minute tutored tasting takes you through five extraordinary whiskies, all matured for a minimum of 12 years. The tasting includes a rare and exclusive Johnnie Walker Princes Street lowland grain whisky.
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Johnnie & The Chocolatier: Johnnie Walker Luxury Whisky & Artisanal Chocolate Pairing

This special tutored tasting pairs four iconic Johnnie Walker drams with a luxury chocolate truffle. The whiskies include Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Johnnie Walker Ghost & Rare Port Dundas, Johnnie Walker Legendary Eight, and the highly sought-after John Walker & Sons King George V.
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Whisky Makers’ Cellar

This experience is for true whisky enthusiasts. Enjoy special access to the underground cellar and sample exceptional whiskies straight from the cask, including rare expressions blended and matured right here at Johnnie Walker Princes Street.
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Each experience at Johnnie Walker Princes Street offers a unique insight into the world of Johnnie Walker and its whiskies. Whether you’re a seasoned whisky drinker or new to the world of whisky, there’s something for everyone.

Johnnie Walker Princes Street



9.30am – Midnight


145 Princes St,
Edinburgh EH2 4BL