Campbeltown Whisky

About Campbeltown Whisky

Located on the Kintyre peninsula, Campbeltown was once a thriving whisky region. However, by 1920, 31 distilleries had closed as a result of improved transport links to the rival distilleries in the Highlands and Speyside. And a decline in the quality of Campbeltown Whisky as distillers cut corners for mass production.

Campbeltown Whisky is known for its dried fruit, vanilla, toffee, and brine within a dry and pungent body is now home to just 3 distilleries; Glen Scotia, Springbank and Glengyle (under the brand Kilkerran). Despite the small region’s size, the distilleries produce very different whiskies; Springbank is robust and smoky, whereas Glen Scotia now produces distinctive light and grassy whiskies.

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