Sherry Barrels

Whisky aged in Sherry casks is typically rich in flavour and has notes of dried fruits, nuts, leather, tobacco and woody spices. The Sherry cask imparts a unique character to the whisky, giving it a complex and layered flavour profile. The influence of the Sherry cask depends on the length of time the whisky is aged, the type of Sherry used, and the type of wood used for the cask.

Sherry casks usually impart a sweet, fruity and nutty flavour to the whisky, as well as a deep red colour. The high tannin content of Sherry adds dryness to the whisky, as well as a hint of spice. The high sugar content of Sherry also adds sweetness to the whisky. The Sherry cask also adds a layer of complexity to the whisky, making it more interesting and complex.