Unmalted Barley

Unmalted barley adds a unique character to the whisky adding a spiciness, more of a weighty, grainy texture and funky cereal flavour that isn’t as present in whiskies distilled purely from Malted Barley.

Whisky distilled from unmalted barley is an uncommon type of whisky that is made using barley that has not been malted, which is the process of soaking the grain in water and then drying it with hot air. This type of whisky is usually referred to asgrain whisky‘. The unmalted barley imparts a more intense, earthy flavour to the whisky, as well as a nutty and spicy character. It is a type of whisky that is often used in blended whiskies to add complexity and depth.

Whiskies distilled from Unmalted Barley

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