Whiskies distilled from a mash containing Wheat, tend to taste a bit like whole wheat bread with honey. Sweet and textural.

Wheat whisky is a type of whisky distilled from wheat. It is most commonly produced in the United States, although there are some producers in other countries, such as Scotland, Canada, and Japan.

The grain used for wheat whisky typically has a milder flavour than other grains used in whisky production, such as rye or barley. It has a light, sweet flavour with a hint of vanilla and honey. Wheat whisky has a smooth and mellow finish, making it a great choice for sipping neat or on the rocks. The grain used in wheat whisky can impact the flavour in a few ways. It can provide a light, sweet flavour as well as a hint of spice. Wheat whisky can also provide a creamy, nutty flavour, which makes it a great choice for cocktails.

Whiskies distilled from Wheat