Tasmanian Whisky

About Tasmanian Whisky

With a climate and landscape similar to Scotland, it’s no surprise Tasmania is the centre of Australian Whisky production.

Home to Lark & Sullivans Cove, who have both had an immeasurable impact on Australian Whisky and its success. Bill Lark single-handedly launched the industry when he lobbied the Australian Government in the 90s to amend laws preventing small-batch distillers from obtaining licences and producing whisky. More recently, Sullivans Cove threw the spotlight on Australian Whisky when they won the world’s best single malt whisky at the World Whiskies Awards in 2014- the industry has seen sky-high demand ever since.

Tasmania now has over 40 boutique distilleries producing world-class whisky. Production volumes are small, and releases are often bottled one barrel at a time- they often sell out instantly, even with premium prices. But this is all part of the Tassie Whisky charm.

Australia - Tasmania

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