Netflix: Letterman interviews Obama in new show

David Letterman is out of retirement with a new Netflix show; My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Lettermen. It looks like he has big things planned for the monthly 6 part series- joined by fascinating global figures for in-depth interviews and “curiosity-fueled excursions”.

His first guest, Barack Obama, sets a high bar for the series. The 56min episode sees Obama and Letterman discuss a life of retirement, family and some serious politics- with a generous serve of humour.

I watched the whole episode in one sitting, so it gets a serious recommendation from me 👍

Check out this clip & the trailer below;

Netflix is only releasing 1 episode a month, so, unfortunately, it’s not we’re not going to be bingeing on this one. But from the looks of the outro, his second guest will be George Clooney 🙌

Trailer: My Next Guest Needs No Introduction

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