The word “Whisky” comes from the Gaelic word “Uisge Beatha,” which means “water of life.” That phonetically became “usky,” and eventually was pronounced as “whisky.” People believed that whisky was a magical elixir, that had healing properties – it could clean wounds, numb pain, and act as liquid courage.

In 2016, whisky is no less magical than before, here are just a few of the wonderful benefits of drinking whisky;

1. Avoid weight gain

Whisky is SUPER low in calories, especially when you compare it to most cocktails, beers, and wine. A dram of whisky contains only 70 calories (1oz/30ml) – just another good reason to drink your whisky neat.
It might not help you lose weight, but if you make a point to avoid the sugary mixers it will go a long way in helping curb the calorie intake on a big night out.

2. The perfect drink for diabetics

Whisky is low in calories primarily because it has almost no carbohydrates. Making it a great drink choice for diabetics that have to manage their carb and sugar intake.

3. Help digestion

Whisky makes for a great digestif to have after a large meal – aiding indigestion. It helps release muscle tension, particularly those of the stomach working hard after a heavy meal.
But that’s not all, whisky also cuts the appetite, and reduces the feeling of hunger after a meal.

4. Boost heart health

Whisky is full of antioxidants which can lead to a number of health benefits. Antioxidants are great at reducing the amount of cholesterol that builds up in your arteries which reduces the risk of blood clots and in turn the chances of having a heart attack.
The only alcohol that can boast to be able to do that is red wine and dark beer and they are both piled with calories!

5. Fight cancer.

One of the antioxidants found in whisky is called ellagic acid. Which not only reduces the oxidation of chemicals in your body, but also reduces the risk of potential cancer cells spreading around the body.

6. Improve the health of your brain.

A study in 2003 showed that drinking whisky reduces the risk of some forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease. If you start to get old and you feel that your brain slows down, it’s time to put you to drink a glass of whisky while reading your newspaper by the fireplace, installed on your rocking chair.

7 . Reduce the chances of having a heart attack.

It not only prevents cholesterol from building up in your arteries, but it can also dilate blood vessels allowing better blood flow. Improved blood circulation is actually one of the biggest benefits of whisky, and for that we can raise a glass!

8. Combat stress.

Stress can cause a whole series of problems in the human body, fortunately, we have whisky to remedy that! The whisky has a sedative and anxiolytic effect: It helps to relieve anxiety and stress, relax the muscles and generally relax the body. It improves blood circulation, which allows all your muscles and organs to benefit from a fresh blood supply and well oxygenated!

9. Memory Booster

The antioxidants present in whisky improve the health of your brain, and this drink promotes especially areas related to memory and learning. That’s basically the same process that reduces the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

10. Lengthen life expectancy

In general antioxidants, which can protect you from not only certain diseases, but they lengthen the life expectancy of the most important cells in your body, some of which cannot regenerate themselves.

11. Can soothe a sore throat

The alcohol in the whisky acts as an antiseptic and numbing agent on aching tonsils and the honey creates a thick coating that will help the healing effects last longer. You can gargle it, sip it or both if you like.

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