It’s not exactly a tough day when you spend it sailing around Sydney harbour, sucking down fresh oysters, enjoying cheese, and a few delicious whiskies – you certainly won’t catch me complaining.

The team at Talisker invited myself and a few other bloggers along to the launch of their new expression, Talisker Skye, A young ‘no age statement’ expression that I suspect is their response to a general increase in demand for Scotch from new younger whisky drinkers.

Placed as an approachable daily drinker, Talisker has done a great job of mellowing out the flavours of their flagship 10yo, while still maintaining that salty brininess it’s famous for.

Talisker Skye is like sailing around the Isle of Skye on a breezy summer day.

Sean Baxter – Talisker’s whisky ambassador, took us through the full Talisker range paired with some super fresh oysters.

My Talisker Skye Tip:

Pour a few drops of whisky onto a freshly shucked oyster. The flavours work perfectly together, creating an amazing buttery mouthfeel – especially the Talisker 10yo or the newly launched Skye. Whip this combo out at your next BBQ and amaze.

I’m a big fan of the 10yo, its a solid choice if you are picking up a bottle on the way to a dinner with whisky drinkers. But I would probably be more likely to pick up a bottle of Talisker Skye as a gift, or if I was unsure how keen someone was on their whiskies.

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