Since the late 1980s when the very first distilleries were formed, Australia has been making incredible whiskies and has been slowly increasing its world ranking.

Setting aside Scotland and Japan, in 2014, Australia was the first country to be awarded the World Whiskies Award, and with that in mind, let’s review some of the finest distilleries our country has to offer.

Archie Rose Distilling Co.

Location: 85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery, NSW
Website: archierose.com.au

From the moment Archie Rose flung open its doors back in 2014, it has continued to establish its reputation for not only vodka, gin and white spirits but single malt. As of 2018, Archie Rose boasts some 1600 or more barrels of the amber liquid mellowing in a bonded warehouse tucked away in the suburbs of Rosebery. Thankfully for whisky lovers across Australia, they have finally released their first bottling of Archie Rose aged rye whisky. The distillery has plans to increase its production of the liquid gold nectar as well as other spirits in the forthcoming years.

Sullivan’s Cove

Location: 1/10 Lamb Pl, Cambridge TAS
Website: sullivanscove.com

Since being founded in 1995, Sullivan’s Cove has grown to become one of the world’s most chosen whiskies. The distillery is continually releasing new expressions, for example, their American Oak Tawny, not to mention a couple of their intriguing Brandies. With its award-winning trophy cabinet already groaning under the weight, in 2014 it added Sullivans Cove French Oak to the list at the World Whisky Awards in London.


Location: 50 Bertie, St. Port, Melbourne
Website: starward.com.au

In a metropolitan area bordered by some of the leading wine regions of Australia, Starward took up residence in an old flight hangar. In 2007, they took an immense leap of faith and plunged headfirst into the ever-growing premium whisky scene. The result led the way to an affordable, accessible and distinct modern Australian whisky.


Location: 14 Davey Street, Hobart, Tasmania
Website: larkdistillery.com

Established in 1992, Lark became the first distillery to be licensed in Tasmania since 1839. Lark began as a family endeavour, and these days is known as one of Australia’s primary distilleries. From their 1800 litre copper still, they produce high-quality whisky through age-old traditional methods and remain dedicated to preserving its recognised first-class malt.

William McHenry And Sons

Location: 229 Radnor Road, Port Arthur, Tasmania
Website: mchenrydistillery.com.au/distillery

William McHenry & Sons can boast not only about being the world’s southernmost owned and run distillery at the point of the planet’s equatorial plane (43°) but that they are specialists in handmade single malt whisky. Excellent ingredients combined with a clean environment are two critical factors at the heart of high-quality whiskies, as is evidenced by this distillery’s location.


Location: 252 Frenchman Bay Road, Albany, WA
Website: distillery.com.au

For Limeburners, distilling whisky is a hands-on business, and with their proven track record and achievements, their mashing and distilling processes are proudly on display for all those who visit. From the local Albany wind farm powering their distillery to their carefully selected barrels and traditional, custom-made copper stills, each of these elements plays a part in achieving the perfect whisky profile for which they are known.

Hellyer’s Road

Location: 153 Old Surrey Rd, Havenview, Tasmania
Website: hellyersroaddistillery.com.au

Originally established in 1997 by a group of farmers, Hellyer’s Road Distillery is Australia’s biggest micro-distillery, with production reaching 100,000 litres a year. When it initially began distilling, whisky connoisseurs quickly deemed it to be one of the greatest whisky producers around. Nowadays its name is mentioned in the same circles as some of the other high-quality exports coming out of Australia, not to mention the health benefits of drinking whisky. Even if you are not a whisky devotee, visiting Hellyer’s is a fascinating and gripping way to see just how this global brand accomplishes its craft.


Location: Shene Estate, 76 Shene Road, Pontville, Tasmania
Website: shene.com.au/distillery

Having undergone a move to the Shene Estate in 2016, Mackey’s now firmly has its roots fixed in Pontville and is continuing to produce their whisky with the time-honoured passion they always have. Following the traditional Irish method of triple distillation in copper stills, and with maturation taking place in French oak casks (sherry and port), the smooth, creamy, malty flavours shine through from this world-class distillery.

Pure Scot

Website: purescot.com

Although surrounded by 55 acres of stunning land in one of the most picturesque parts of Scotland, Pure Scot is Australian through and through. With a clear vision and proud new owner, this distillery is making a name for itself. The knowledge and passion of this distillery are quite evidently manifested through its whisky offerings.

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