NSW Whisky

About NSW Whisky

Whisky distilling in New South Wales has developed over the last 10 years into a truly modern industry. Pushed forwards by ambitious entrepreneurs looking to build strong brands, and with an appetite to innovate and test new approaches to distilling. The approach in NSW is a clear departure from the tradition and heritage that is highly prized in Tasmanian Whisky.

The warm climate in New South Wales causes oak barrels to expand & contract as the temperature fluctuates. This accelerates the aging process as whisky is drawn into the wood. Meaning that whisky production can be relatively fast, with many NSW distilleries choosing to age their spirits for only 3-6 years.

Archie Rose, Cowra Distilling & Manly Spirits are all brands to watch out for over the next few years, as they bottle more of the barrels they’ve been maturing.

Discover the best Whisky distilleries in New South Wales

Warm-climate whiskies from distilleries in NSW may be younger than their cool-climate counterparts, but in modern whisky, this isn’t an issue. Top distilleries in New South Wales are finding other ways to produce amazing flavour.