10 Best Wineries in the Swan Valley for Wine Tasting

When it comes to Australian wine regions, Swan Valley stands out with its rich history, beautiful landscapes, and, of course, exceptional wines. Located just a short drive from Perth, Swan Valley is a must-visit for any wine enthusiast.

With over 40 wineries, you’re spoilt for choice in Swan Valley— the hardest decision you’ll make is which Cellar Doors to visit for a wine tasting. So, whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or a novice looking to expand your palate, here are the 10 best wineries in Swan Valley.

The 10 Best Cellar Doors in Swan Valley

From my visits to Swan Valley’s wineries, I’ve selected 10 recommendations. Each winery offers its own unique atmosphere, from stunning views to delicious cheese boards.

For those who appreciate brevity, here’s a TL;DR. For a more detailed version, scroll down to the section below:

  1. Sandalford Wines – for beautiful views, great wine & a cheese board.
  2. Houghton Wines – a modern cellar door, with great views over their vineyard
  3. Sittella Wines – great wine, panoramic views
  4. Faber Vineyard – old-school Swan Valley wine, visit for their fortified’s & port
  5. Nikola Estate – sit outside, enjoy the Riesling & Shiraz
  6. Corymbia – picturesque, sit on the lawn, enjoy some food
  7. RiverBank Estate – a wide range, large venue
  8. John Kosovich Wines – French-style wines, small venue
  9. Upper Reach Winery – Italian style wines, beautiful views
  10. Mandoon Estate – A must-visit if you love big reds. This is the Swan Valley home of this Swan Valley staple.

What Wine is Swan Valley best known for?

The region’s warm climate and diverse soils make it ideal for growing a range of grape varieties, resulting in a diverse selection of high-quality wines.

Swan Valley is best known for producing a variety of wine styles, including Shiraz, Verdelho, and Chenin Blanc.

  • Shiraz – rich, full-bodied, and fruit-forward styles of Shiraz, with spicy and berry flavours and good acidity, making it a balanced and satisfying wine.
  • Verdelho – deep color, rich and full-bodied flavour profile, strong tannin structure, and high complexity, with bright fruit flavours of tropical fruit and floral notes.
  • Chenin Blanc – a rich and complex flavour profile, with crisp acidity and full body, intense fruit flavours of apple, pear, and hints of honey and spice, and a balanced oak influence.

The 10 Best Wineries in Swan Valley

Swan Valley, oneof Western Australia’s most famous wine regions, is home to some of the country’s most exciting wineries, offering a diverse range of warm-climate wines. Here, we explore some of the best wineries in Swan Valley that you should consider for your next wine-tasting adventure.

1. Sandalford Wines

Established in 1840, Sandalford Wines is one of Western Australia’s oldest and largest privately owned wineries. Located in Swan Valley, it offers a variety of premium wines, a world-class restaurant, and unique event spaces.

2. Houghton Wines

Houghton Wines is Western Australia’s most awarded winery with a history dating back to 1836. It’s known for its exceptional quality wines, particularly the iconic Houghton White Classic.

3. Sittella Wines

Sittella Wines is one of the newest, family-owned wineries in the Swan Valley. The winery is known for its sparkling wines and offers a modern Australian restaurant with views of the vineyards.

4. Faber Vineyard

Faber Vineyard is a boutique winery that specializes in crafting a range of Swan Valley wines, including Shiraz, Verdelho, and Chenin Blanc. The winery is known for its friendly atmosphere and beautiful vineyard views.

5. Nikola Estate

Previously ‘Houghton Wines’, Nikola Estate opened its doors in 2019 with a new name and a fresh outlook. However, the history and tradition of this site are steeped in the Swan Valley’s winemaking heritage.

6. Corymbia

Although relatively new, Corymbia has quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality, organic wines. The winery is run by a husband and wife team, both of whom have extensive experience in the wine industry.

7. RiverBank Estate

RiverBank Estate is a family-owned, boutique winery, restaurant, and function centre. The winery has won numerous awards for its wines and is known for its stunning views of the vineyard and the Swan River.

8. John Kosovich Wines

John Kosovich Wines is a family-run winery that has been producing wines in the Swan Valley for over 80 years. The winery is particularly known for its fortified wines.

9. Upper Reach Winery

Upper Reach is a family-owned boutique winery, known for its award-winning wines. The winery also offers a unique ‘Walk the Vines’ tour where visitors can explore the vineyard and learn about the winemaking process.

10. Mandoon Estate

Mandoon Estate is a relatively new winery in Swan Valley that has quickly established a reputation for its fine wines, luxury accommodation, and its brewery. The winery offers a range of experiences including wine tasting, fine dining, casual dining, and private vineyard tours.

Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or a novice looking to expand your palate, Swan Valley offers a wealth of wineries to explore. From award-winning Shiraz to unique warm-climate varieties, there’s something for every wine lover in this region.

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