Dyson AM06 Bladeless Desk Fan Review

Wow, we’ve had some hot days this summer, and while I love feeling the warmth while I’m out and about. When I’m in the office its great to cool down and focus – enter the Dyson AM06, a bladeless ‘air multiplier’ desk fan.

By far the most unique fan design I’ve seen and felt right at home here in the W+T office.

Modern clean lines, smooth curved edges, and the intriguing ‘bladeless’ design – the Dyson AM06 certainly started some conversations when people first saw it.

As a follow up to its predecessor, the AM01, the Dyson AM06 offers a 75% noise reduction and 45% drop in power consumption. Those numbers are direct from Dyson, and not something that I could test myself, but I’d opt to believe them – this thing is quiet! So quiet, that Dyson has been awarded the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society for improved sound quality. (Who knew that was even a thing?)

The unit itself is bladeless and in fact, has no fast moving external parts, making it safer than a traditional desk fan. Air gets pushed up from an internal motor in the base and out through a thin slit on the inside of the head unit, creating a consistent stream of air.

The AM06 is controlled almost exclusively via a remote that features oscillation, 10 power settings and a sleep timer. With only a single ‘on/off’ button on the base of the unit, which can be held down to manually select a power setting.

Opinion on the Dyson AM06

In short, I was impressed.

I appreciate how quiet this fan is, I’m used to the loud buffeting of a traditional pedestal fan. So the continuous and quiet air stream you get from the AM06 was a nice change – perfect for an office environment.

Purchase the Dyson AM06

If you are looking to get your hands on one yourself, the Dyson AM06 retails for $449 directly on the Dyson website.

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