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Enter the Summer Suit. It’s not as much a physical suit you can purchase from a department store, but more the way you wear you style your current corporate clothes.

For years and years, dressing for summer and dressing appropriate for work were two completely different things and rarely intertwined – however now, as men’s fashion becomes far more versatile than it ever was it is not just a want but an absolute need to change the way we dress for work to match the climate.

You know the usual scenario –wake up in the morning, roll over to reach for your phone, first silence the alarm, and then check your social media and then you check the weather for the day. Between November and March, it reads anywhere between 30 and 40 degrees – if you’re anything like me you let out a grunt and unwillingly walk over to your wardrobe and try and find a shirt that won’t show sweat patches, and then try to find pants that are as loose fitting as possible, dreading the heat you’ll feel as you canter through the city to get to work. These are the tips to avoid this whole horrendous scenario once and for all.

Summer Suit Tip #1

Linen. Linen is like a fly screen; the air will go straight through it. Imagine walking and not only feeling the breeze on your face but also all over your body – while fully dressed. A good linen jacket can cost you anywhere between $100 – $500  off the rack or tailored and is well worth investing in. Fun fact: those dressed in Linen clothes are found to show skin temperatures of 3-4 degrees below those wearing the same item made of cotton.


However, few things about Linen… while it’s very cool and trendy in summer and allows your body to breathe – they crease like a bitch. I wouldn’t be shoving your linen jacket at the bottom of your gym bag because it’ll take you 16 years to iron out the creases.

Summer Suit Tip #2

Shorts. Despite popular opinion, shorts are not the devil. A nice pair of beige chino shorts from Academy Brand for $90 matched with a tucked in navy blue collared shirt and light grey jacket plus some loafers are going to make you look smart and chic while also comfortable and cool.

Over the spring & summer months, these louder shorts make great gifts for men who are unlikely to buy something loud for themselves.


There is a time and a place though; I wouldn’t be showing off those legs if you’re heading to a big monthly meeting – but for everyday summer office wear, worn correctly they can be pulled off in the most stylish and suitable ways. Try it, I dare you. You and your boss will be thanking me!

Summer Suits Tip #3

Light colours. Fine, you tried it and turns out your boss doesn’t like shorts and you have to wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt – that’s fine… just don’t go wearing funeral attire to work. Wearing black and deep blues are going to attract the heat…dark colours absorb all wavelengths of light rather than reflecting it like light colours, ergo – they get hot!


Stone pants and a light blue business shirt are a great combination for a summer suit and still adhering to all those work rules but not let your body turn into an oven under them. I’ve found over the years that rolling AKA cuffing your pants allows a slight breeze to pass and also gives you the chance to show both your ankles and new summer boat shoes off.

Written by – Zachary Pittas

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